Healthy Markets Association and CFA Institute Release Statement on SEC’s Incomplete Efforts to Improve Cost Transparency for Investors

October 28, 2022

Washington, DC – Today, the Healthy Markets Association and CFA Institute released a joint statement regarding the October 26th adoption by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of new rules for tailored reports for fund shareholders.

“We at CFA Institute believe that these rules are a significant step towards providing investors with clear and consistent information about their investment fees and expenses,” said Andres Vinelli, Chief Economist at CFA Institute. “But the rule still leaves investors in the dark about their research and trading costs.”

“Given that US investors often don’t know what they’re paying, or even what they’re paying for, it’s past time for the SEC to demand basic transparency into trading practices and costs,” said Tyler Gellasch, President and CEO of Healthy Markets Association. “Investors in the US continue to be left behind.”

In November 2020, the Healthy Markets Association and CFA Institute jointly urged the SEC to require funds to disclose:

  • detailed transaction costs (not just commissions), including separate line items for costs of investment research paid from fund assets, regardless of how it is funded; and 
  • their best execution policies, which should reflect efforts to ensure that fund transaction costs, including commission dollars generated by the fund, directly benefit the asset owners in the fund. 

As the investor organizations explained, “investors should know how much they are paying for trading or research, and have the comfort that the research for which they are paying benefits them.”

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About Healthy Markets

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