Overreach or on point? Gensler’s agenda debated

Investment News – In a story about The SEC’s rulemaking roster, Healthy Markets Executive Director Tyler Gellasch is quoted throughout the article. Some of Mr. Gellasch’s quotes about the SEC Chair’s agenda include: “The SEC’s agenda is both ambitious and imminently doable. there’s a handful of really big rules and probably a little more than a handful of rules for each division. It really is the chair’s agenda for his full term.” And: “Groups like ICI are complaining because Gensler is revisiting many rules they had worked to put in place.” And: “Gellasch sees Gensler proposing most rules this year, finalizing them next year and working to implement them before he leaves office. Of course, there will be big fights along the way. If Republicans take over Congress in November, lawmakers may try to deny SEC funding for some regulations.” (Full Story).

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