Gensler’s aggressive agenda continues as SEC proposes shortening settlement times in wake of GameStop saga

Marketwatch – In a story about SEC Chair Gary Genslers aggressive agenda, Healthy Markets Executive Director Tyler Gellasch is quoted saying “If anything has been made clear over the past few years, it’s that a lot of rules have to be fixed, from stock and treasuries trading to crypto. Investors are increasingly questioning the stability and integrity of the markets, and restoring trust in our markets has to be a top priority. “While the agency has been quick out of the gates with market structure reform proposals, that’s a sharp contrast to the relative inaction on cryptocurrencies,” Gellash added, noting that Gensler has publicly stated that he believes it’s likely large crypto exchanges offer unregistered securities, in violation of federal law. “It’s clear that speeches and statements aren’t going to establish order in the digital asset markets; he’s going to need more enforcement actions and rules to do that.” (Full Story).

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