6 Topics to Watch as Gensler Interviews for New Job

Law 360 – In a story about Gary Gensler’s Senate Confirmation hearing, Healthy Markets Executive Director Tyler Gellasch is quoted saying “Given the massive fluctuations and issues we’ve seen with cryptocurrencies, I would expect to see some questions there. “Gary obviously has his own subject matter expertise, so that might be something he’s eager to jump into on his own.” …Gellasch told Law360 that the questions “that would hit [Gensler] the hardest” would be about his lengthy career as a public servant and the choices he made in those roles. Gellasch says he doesn’t anticipate that Gensler will encounter much partisan flak for the work he did in recent decades, and that given his reputation in Washington as a reasonable regulator who’s willing to compromise, lawmakers’ questioning will instead focus on the work he plans to do in the next four years. You don’t get nominated [to public service] — and then nominated again — by being bad at navigating DC and politics. He’s extraordinarily adept at navigating difficult issues and challenging people. I think we’ll likely see that on display [Tuesday].” (Full Story).

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