SEC Proposes Broader Accredited Investor Definition; Critics Warn of Pitfalls

Financial Advisor IQ – In a story about the SEC broadening the definition of an accredited investor, Healthy Markets Executive Director, Tyler Gellasch is quoted saying “no matter how sophisticated an investor is, “without information and rights, he’s just making a guess.” Healthy Markets is an investor-focused group that aims to educate market participants and promote data-driven reforms. Gellasch notes that the proposed amendments don’t include “even the most basic disclosures or rights” for accredited investors. “The SEC is proposing to siphon even more capital out of the transparent markets and into the dark. Perhaps the most telling aspect of the proposal is that it includes almost no analysis of the impact on investors,” he says. “There is no evidence that smaller investors who qualify under the proposal would be able to access great deals, but there’s a lot of evidence that they can and likely will lose,” he adds. (Full Story).

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