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Our Vision

Healthy Markets: Bringing Transparency and Trust Back to Markets

Our Vision: The Financial Services Industry is in thrall of a Market Structure debate that rages from SEC to the Hill, from Twitter to the Wall St Journal. Everybody in the industry has an opinion on the state of the market and how to fix it. Unfortunately, few can agree on how to do this.

KOR Group's Chris Nagy and Dave Lauer have been at the center of this debate for years. Both are dedicated to creating fairer, healthier markets that operate with total transparency and free from conflicts of interest. KOR Group believes that, despite many differences of opinion, we can all agree on some fundamental reforms. While our views are not universally held, we believe that many leading firms will share in both our vision for securing healthier markets and our mission to lobby for these critical reforms. The changes that we’re calling for would have an enormously beneficial impact on US equity markets. 

Powerful, entrenched interests with effective lobbying operations and a strong presence in DC will oppose our mission. KOR Group is building a coalition of like-minded firms—girded by public support—that can agree both on general guiding principles and specific remedies. It is only by assembling an equally strong coalition that we can challenge these entrenched interests.

Change is coming to our markets. The SEC will be actively examining market structure issues in 2014 and running pilot projects to evaluate significant changes. This coalition will give us a seat at the table as proposed changes become real policies. It is critical that subject-matter experts who are independent of any particular firm or segment of the industry are at the forefront of guiding the SEC to make effective changes. This coalition is a unifying platform for providing that guidance.

Our principles are simple:

We have opportunity to make real change for a healthy market but we need your support!





More visibility is needed in all areas of US markets.

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Current metrics for measuring brokers and execution quality on venues are woefully out-of-date. Before we can fix anything, we need to measure it.

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Data Yearns to be Free

Wall St could learn a lot from open source. Let's promote open data and open access across the board.

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Displayed Liquidity

Trading volume is increasingly being diverted from highly regulated, lit markets to less regulated internalization systems and dark pools. It's time to change that.

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